miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

Give Up! You Can Never Get It Right Anyway

There will always be people who don't like you - so instead of trying to please those around you, you better be boldly yourself and attract more suitable people into your life.

When I had my hair completely shaved off for over a year, some men found that extremely sexy. For others it was a huge turn-off. Some people told me with admiration that my shaved head looked great, and others frowned and said it was damn ugly. Some thought I was really cool for shaving my head as a woman, others found it unfeminine, inappropriate, a pity, a shame.

No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how you behave, no matter what you look like, there will always be people who like you, and people who dislike you. There will always be people who approve of you, and people who disapprove of you.

It is impossible to please everybody. Impossible to ever get it right. No matter how much you try, you will always have it wrong anyway. Somewhere, someone will not like what you are.

The good news is that somewhere, someone always will also love what you are.

We can try to fit in, guess what the people around us want, and please them. We can also invest our energy into attracting people who love what we are, and let go of the others. Sounds like a much smarter move to me.

Being Ourselves is Smarter

When we bend ourselves to suit others, they feel that incongruency in us. Something about us does not feel quite right, even if they don't know what. That is not attractive. You won't be very successful that way, and the people you'll attract will be people who are not fully aligned with integrity and authenticity themselves. Like attracts like. Do you want to be in relationships with such people?

Doing things that are not who we truly are at our core costs a lot of energy. It is tiring, it makes us unhappy. We don't feel as fulfilled as we do when we allow ourselves to freely express our soul.

Bold self-expression, happiness and personal fulfillment are keys to attracting loving people into our life. People love people who are happy and fulfilled. It makes them happy as well. Such an energy is contagious. But you can't be really happy when you betray yourself.

Most of all, people love people who are uncompromisingly themselves. I guess it comes across as self-confident, courageous, independent and original, all of which is attractive. But I bet it is more than that. We just feel it when someone is being in touch with their true self. Such individuals shine a light that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Not to mention that our quirks and flaws often are some of the most charming facets of our character! The world would be poorer for our not sharing them.

How can you boldly express yourself today? :-)

martes, 13 de abril de 2010

How to be Competitive as a Scanner

Question: "In a competitive economy, how can a scanner do a project that can hold its own against one made by a focused individual?"

My Take on This:

As a scanner, we can be competitive by being uncompromisingly authentic.

Be Yourself

Our economy is not truly competitive. At an energetic level, we resonate with certain products or service providers, and not with others. We might compare offerings and prices, but in the end we buy things we resonate with from people we resonate with.

By being totally yourself, you will attract people who resonate with you, and they will love you. Then it does not matter how many other people do things that are seemingly similar to what you do.

If you manage to be who you are at your very core, to really own your gifts and express them in the work you do, you will create such a unique product or service that it cannot be compared anymore. It will be outstanding, because you are outstanding.

Be a Scanner

If you are a scanner, be a scanner. Be authentic in that too!

The best way for a scanner to be productive is to respect their scanner nature and to adapt their time-management and project-management strategies to it. If they try to work like specialists, they will procrastinate, suffer and get poor results. But if they embrace their scanner nature and are true to themselves  in that respect, they are just as competent as other people.

How exactly to adapt your project-management to your personality will depend on which kind of scanner you are and which kind of project you have in mind.

Cyclical scanners in particular tend to be slower at completing their projects because of working on many things at the same time. Often this does not matter, though. I'm writing an Introduction to Linux Shell Commands for beginners. I do plenty of other things as well, so of course I am slower than a computer scientist who does nothing else all day. So what? When some day I'll publish it, it can be just as good as what such a computer scientist who does nothing else all day could write. It won't matter how long it took me to write it. And since I am putting my very own loving personality into it, instead of writing it in dry man page style, it will be a truly unique product.

Now if you are working on a project that is time-sensitive, where you need to focus on the same thing for many hours every day, and where your personality matters zero.... are you sure you are doing the right job? As a scanner, you must suffer like hell. Why do you stay there? Being ourselves also means picking a career that fits our personality, not bending ourselves to fit our job. That would be kinda backwards. After all, our job is here to serve us, not the other way around.

Use your Strengths

Being a scanner does not only mean adapting what you do and when you do it to your personality. It also means that your way of thinking is different. Even when working on the same problem as a non-scanner, you will think in a less linear way. Scanners are great at drawing parallels, at connecting the dots, or at integrating knowledge from other life areas or fields of activity. I highly recommend you to actively use these strengths.

Instead of discarding "inappropriate" ideas and trying to focus on one field or one process, welcome seemingly unrelated, intuitive input, and act on it. Often, unrelated stuff ends up not being that unrelated after all. Ask yourself how you could integrate this into your project, how this could serve or inspire you. Connect the dots. This can lead to very interesting results! Your original solutions could be exactly what makes you highly competitive.

Authenticity is Key

To be competitive as scanners, we need to be absolutely authentic. We need to get in touch with ourselves, express our gifts in the most honest way and put our personality into our work. This way we create unique products and services and attract people who resonate with us. We need to adapt our way of working to our scanner nature in order to be productive and have fun. And instead of trying to be what we are not, we need to play on our strengths, especially our non-linear, creative, eclectic way of thinking.

If you want to know more about yourself and learn about the soul-level gifts and strengths that you are bringing into your human experience, or if you feel that there are facets of you that you haven't been able to fully express until now, you can book a reading with me. I'd love to work with you.

Diet: New Direction

I went back to 80/10/10 last week (was too busy to blog about it), and failed again on the weekend. This is clearly not working for me. So what to do now? I can keep failing until the end of my life, but I actually have more interesting projects to put my energy into. So, I need to tackle this issue differently.

I asked my spirit guides for input and inspiration. I especially asked them what actions I could take that would help me stick to a diet that is healthy for me. Here is what I came up with:

1) Shift in Mindset and Attitude

It's time for me to let go of my aggressive attitude. I got great results with it when I quit smoking, but that was six years ago. I was a completely different person back then. Maybe the old method simply does not work for the new me. I feel it's time for me to apply my non-violent, peaceful attitude also to food.

I resist this change quite a lot. I have years and years of struggle and war against food behind me. I remember writing to Eduardo that being TOO zen bores me. Now is the time to make peace and learn that it is not boring.

I am excellent at shifting my mindset and transforming myself, so I guess this will be easy. From now on, my interaction with food, any food, will happen in a spirit of peace and healing.

2) Intuitive Eating

My intuition tells me to listen to my intuition when it comes to choosing my food, and not to some theories from someone else. After all, I'm a psychic. I rely on my intuition for everything else, why not for food?

I already did an intuitive eating trial in February. It led to huge binges! I was able to clearly hear my intuition, but was unable to follow it, and ate addictive trigger foods instead. But then again, I still had this combative attitude in February. Let's see if the change in mindset will make a difference.

Aside from this food related input, I also got some ideas from my spirit guides that are not directly related to diet. But as you know, intuition is logical. ;)

3) New Hobbies

They advise me to get some new hobbies. Especially activities involving nonhuman animals in some way. I don't know yet what I will do.

4) Driver's License

I have no clue why, but they seem to think that getting my driver's license would help me stick to a healthy diet.

5) First Aid Class

Similarly, they recommend that I take a first aid course.

How exciting! Looking forward to seeing where all this will lead! :-)

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

How Many VIPs in your Life?

One mistake you can make in your relationships is what I call VIP-thinking. You have VIP-thinking when some people in your life are very important in your eyes: romantic partner(s), parents and children, friends, clients maybe. And then, "the others". These others usually are not considered important. They are often treated with indifference, distance,  coldness or even contempt, whereas the "loved ones" and "important" people get consideration, attention and love.

People prone to VIP-thinking often long for deep connections and loving relationships. They do want to have friends and lovers. They just draw clear boundaries between the VIPs, that they are willing to love,  and the rest of humanity, that they are not willing to love.

VIP-thinking leads to poor results.

If you sow indifference, contempt, distance, coldness and separation, how could you reap unity, warmth, love, deep connections, closeness or respect? These are not a match for each other.

How about this? Love everybody. Give attention, love and respect to everybody. Connect with everybody from your heart and core. Cast love at others and express appreciation for them, no matter who they are.

If you are only willing to love and open up to some people and treat all others like extras, you are not doing yourself a favor. You can only feel fully loved if you vibrate with love  yourself. When you close your heart, look away, build walls, put people in different boxes, or apply conditionality to your feelings, you are not vibrating with love.

There are no VIPs. Everybody is a very important person. Make the whole world your loved ones. You'll feel the same love being reflected at you from all sides.

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Intuition IS Logical

Intuition might appear illogical, irrational, non-linear to us - but in hindsight, I often see how reasonable it was and how much logical sense it made.

One reason it appears weird to us is that instead of thinking in a cause-consequence model, intuition works with energies. It might seem illogical to us to go play tennis in order to get the job we want (instead of practicing job interviews, for example) but if playing tennis carries the same energy as the dream job for us, according to the law of resonance it absolutely makes logical sense.

The other reason simply is that our spiritual team knows a lot more than our little mind does! We only have very limited data to base our decisions on. We certainly do our best. But there's just so much that we don't know. Our intuition, however, knows. If the boss of the company we want to get into happens to play tennis too, incidentally in the same club we would go to, so that we'd have a chance to meet him and show him our talent and character there, it definitely makes sense to play tennis instead of practicing job interviews.

Personal Example 1:

Last year at the beginning of the summer, I was 100% raw except for chocolate. I just could not get over my sugar addiction. I kept trying hard and harder, impossible. So I asked my spirit guides for assistance in overcoming my sugar addiction and going 100% raw.

Someone recommended a psychic development audio, and I felt drawn to buying it, so I did. Fine. I did not really pay attention and didn't listen to it because I was focused on solving my sugar problem. Then I kept getting nudges to listen to it. I brushed them aside. Psychic development, yeah, totally fascinating. But right now I want to solve my sugar problem before I start on something new, I said to my guides.

Intuition is persistent. So I kept getting these nudges about this program.

- You could listen to this audio.
- Yeah, sure... But not now. You see, I have this sugar problem, that I asked you for assistance on, btw!
- You could listen to this audio.
- Yes I will! But first the sugar thing, okay! What actions could I take in order to move forward towards my desired outcome of overcoming my sugar addiction?
- How about listening to the audio?

I got really annoyed at my guides.

- Hello?!! Are you stupid or have you smoked pot? I said sugar first!!! >:-(
- Listen to the audio.
- Argh. Shut up. I cannot count on you guys.

After a while of obsessing over my sugar problem and not succeeding, I gave up. Then some day, I had nothing better to do, so I started listening to the psychic development audios. The guy was talking about chakras, nothing really new, I've been doing chakra work for years now.... but then he mentioned that when the third chakra is weak, this can lead to... eating disorders... HAAA!


I could do some energy healing on my own third chakra! I screamed. I totally love energy healing, I want to learn it anyway, so why not practice on myself to strengthen my third chakra? It could help with my sugar addiction, who knows?

So I started doing three or four energy healing sessions a day on my third chakra. At first, nothing happened. After several days I was still eating lots of chocolate. But I kept going with my sessions. After about five days, my chocolate consumption suddenly went down. And after about eight days, I just stopped eating chocolate altogether, naturally. I sticked to a 100% raw, vegan diet for the whole summer after that.

Asking for help in healing a sugar addiction and being told to listen to a psychic development audio might seem weird. But in hindsight, didn't it totally make logical sense? My mind would never have thought of that, simply because my mind cannot know before listening to a CD what is on it. But my team does have access to this information.

Personal Example 2:

Today, in the morning, I was wondering how to best store the paper data about my clients as well as my business and accountancy. I was using many folders and wasn't too happy about it. Then I forgot about the question and got very busy with some very exciting projects.

At some point in the afternoon, I felt strongly compelled to go to a supermarket not that far away from my house. At first I resisted and didn't want to go. I didn't need anything in particular, I don't like supermarkets, and I saw no valid reason to go.

But because in this year since the sugar addiction lesson I have learned that I CAN very much count on my guides and because I have witnessed so many times how much sense their advice always makes, at least in hindsight, I decided to listen to my guts and to go.

And there, I found great ring binders, 100% recycled, with a nice green "Nature Future" label and beautiful colors. I was very happy to see them. They felt totally right for my new business! :D I bought a green one for my clients' data and an ecru one for my business and money stuff. There were only three of them left.

My guides are awesome. :-)

So, next time you have such an irrational, illogical, non-linear, weird, crazy impulse.... remember that intuition IS logical. You just don't consciously know enough yet to understand how.

It might take a leap of faith to follow your inner wisdom and guidance even if you don't see how it makes sense. But the more you trust that it DOES make sense, the more you will be able to work with your intuition in a reliable and fun way. Trust your guides and let them surprise you!

And now you know where you will land when you book a reading with me: in the green Nature Future. ;)

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

811rv: Days 3, 4 and -1 - Nerves Management

Day 3 was really difficult. I spent the day out of the house with a group of people, some of which I barely knew and some I didn't know at all. It was all very nice - just too much input for me. After a few hours, I got a huge headache and would have loved to go away. I felt tempted to eat a sandwich, not because I wanted a sandwich, but because I knew the bread and fat would numb me out and help me to cope with the situation. But I managed (it's a miracle) to stick to my diet. I didn't eat enough, though. I just had no peace for that.

Most of the day I ran on my emergency batteries just trying to get by. I came home in the evening in a state of great distress and with huge cravings for guacamole, fatty salad, fried mushrooms à la sauce Béchamel and similar things.When I came home my grandma was cooking in the kitchen. That was really difficult. Later I ate with my parents. Munching on my lettuce without dressing while they were eating their deliciously smelling, fatty, salty pumpkin soup was some kind of torture too. I went to bed with a raging headache and cravings.

That night I slept really bad and dreamed that I had sex with three ugly, dangerous, kinda reptilian-like blue monsters that were sent by an obnoxious villain to kill me. I woke up very disturbed.

Days 4 and 5 were better, although I was still feeling weak, vulnerable and in need for protection. I tried to spend as much time as possible alone and in silence. But I also made mistakes. I allowed myself to get caught in some very unpleasant and exhausting situations, like eating with my parents while they were listening to the news, or listening to a rant against our government, that I was too much of a nervous wreck to stop.

When I came home today, the first thing I did was to run to the shop and buy two huge bags of fatty starchy comfort foods (mashed potatoes, cake...). Then I spent several hours eating.


My own responsibility. I should have managed my nerves better.

When people talk about emotional eating, I usually shrug and think this does not apply to me. I'm great at dealing with my emotions without needing food for that thank you very much. But I realize that I use fatty food to regain some balance when my nerves are totally shot and I'm about to break down.

There are lots of situations in my past that I would never have survived without cooked food and for that I am deeply thankful. If I want to let go of it now, though, I can see that I need to change a lot of things about my attitude.

I must 1) avoid to stay in situations that are not good for my nerves, no matter what and 2) draw MUCH clearer boundaries. Even when it's my family or other lovely people. In the future, when some situation feels bad to me, I will just say "STOP" out loud. I won't tolerate this kind of thing anymore.

Additional Insight

My critical time is 2-6pm. Before 2pm I am barely hungry, one fruit smoothie is enough to keep me fit for the whole morning. After 6pm I have no appetite anymore and tend to go to bed very early. Between 2 and 6pm I am hungry as hell. That's also the time when I have cravings and am tempted to eat fat or cooked food. So instead of adopting a breakfast-lunch-dinner model, I'll have one meal early in the morning and then several meals in the afternoon. Should minimize risks.

What Next?

I'm taking the day off my dietary efforts tomorrow and will start over with Day 1 on Wednesday.

I WILL succeed. Even if I keep failing until the end of my life, I won't give up until I manage to stay on 80/10/10 for 365 days in a row. When I was horseback riding in my childhood, I learned that every time you fall, you need to get back on the horse immediately. And I'm stubborn as a donkey. ;)

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

811rv: Day 2 - Foraging

Everything great today again! Bananas, strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, celery, and lots of greens. No overt fats.

When I started out on my raw journey, my mom bought a book about edible wild greens and flowers. This afternoon, we took the book and went for a walk to search for dinner. It was a lot of fun. I tested some stuff that was definitely not edible, hehehe. But we also found several kinds of edible yummy greens and made a big salad. It was great! I'm glad I had no dressing on it, this way I could fully appreciate the taste.

811rv: Day 1 - I jumped! :-)

So that's it, I jumped off the cliff!

Day 1 was perfectly successful, I ate nothing but raw fruit and veggies, which is probably closer to 90/5/5 than to 80/10/10.

I was grieving quite a lot. It felt like saying goodbye to something very important. Maybe the old me, maybe my previous relationship with food, I don't know. I felt very sad about my loss.

Another reason I was sad and grieving is that my computer died in the morning. RIP protein. :'( That's why I am writing this report one day late, on my mom's computer. I'm spending the weekend with my family. When I go back home after the weekend, the first thing I'll do is to buy a laptop. If anybody has any advice regarding laptop brands - Linux compatibility, it is welcome. ;)

At some point yesterday I was shopping for food and almost bought some bread. I had actually already decided that I would eat some bread. I was thinking "I'll write on my blog that I ate some bread and that I am giving up this stupid challenge! I don't care!". But for some reason, I just grabbed a bunch of bananas and checked out. Then I found myself on the street with my bananas, wondering what had happened.

This reminds me of when I quit smoking. It happened several times that my mind would decide to smoke again, but for some reason my body just wouldn't obey.

When I quit smoking, after jumping off the cliff I realized that I could fly. I'm curious to see how well I'll fly this time. :-)

Love to all. <3