lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

How Many VIPs in your Life?

One mistake you can make in your relationships is what I call VIP-thinking. You have VIP-thinking when some people in your life are very important in your eyes: romantic partner(s), parents and children, friends, clients maybe. And then, "the others". These others usually are not considered important. They are often treated with indifference, distance,  coldness or even contempt, whereas the "loved ones" and "important" people get consideration, attention and love.

People prone to VIP-thinking often long for deep connections and loving relationships. They do want to have friends and lovers. They just draw clear boundaries between the VIPs, that they are willing to love,  and the rest of humanity, that they are not willing to love.

VIP-thinking leads to poor results.

If you sow indifference, contempt, distance, coldness and separation, how could you reap unity, warmth, love, deep connections, closeness or respect? These are not a match for each other.

How about this? Love everybody. Give attention, love and respect to everybody. Connect with everybody from your heart and core. Cast love at others and express appreciation for them, no matter who they are.

If you are only willing to love and open up to some people and treat all others like extras, you are not doing yourself a favor. You can only feel fully loved if you vibrate with love  yourself. When you close your heart, look away, build walls, put people in different boxes, or apply conditionality to your feelings, you are not vibrating with love.

There are no VIPs. Everybody is a very important person. Make the whole world your loved ones. You'll feel the same love being reflected at you from all sides.

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  1. This is a great post, gave me some real value my lovely :)

  2. Thanks for a nice post. "VIP-thinking", that's a very good name for the concept! I'd like to add the importance of setting firm boundaries too, when necessary. Otherwise you can't love those that hate you or want to hurt you. Well, you can, but not for very long.

  3. @Thomas: Absolutely! Setting firm boundaries is important. As well as choosing carefully who we spend our time with and who we don't. Both allows us to love everybody without losing ourselves. :)

    @Eric: :-) And you write great comments! I love what you said about rating others. Thanks for adding that. :-) You are loved. <3