viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Intuition IS Logical

Intuition might appear illogical, irrational, non-linear to us - but in hindsight, I often see how reasonable it was and how much logical sense it made.

One reason it appears weird to us is that instead of thinking in a cause-consequence model, intuition works with energies. It might seem illogical to us to go play tennis in order to get the job we want (instead of practicing job interviews, for example) but if playing tennis carries the same energy as the dream job for us, according to the law of resonance it absolutely makes logical sense.

The other reason simply is that our spiritual team knows a lot more than our little mind does! We only have very limited data to base our decisions on. We certainly do our best. But there's just so much that we don't know. Our intuition, however, knows. If the boss of the company we want to get into happens to play tennis too, incidentally in the same club we would go to, so that we'd have a chance to meet him and show him our talent and character there, it definitely makes sense to play tennis instead of practicing job interviews.

Personal Example 1:

Last year at the beginning of the summer, I was 100% raw except for chocolate. I just could not get over my sugar addiction. I kept trying hard and harder, impossible. So I asked my spirit guides for assistance in overcoming my sugar addiction and going 100% raw.

Someone recommended a psychic development audio, and I felt drawn to buying it, so I did. Fine. I did not really pay attention and didn't listen to it because I was focused on solving my sugar problem. Then I kept getting nudges to listen to it. I brushed them aside. Psychic development, yeah, totally fascinating. But right now I want to solve my sugar problem before I start on something new, I said to my guides.

Intuition is persistent. So I kept getting these nudges about this program.

- You could listen to this audio.
- Yeah, sure... But not now. You see, I have this sugar problem, that I asked you for assistance on, btw!
- You could listen to this audio.
- Yes I will! But first the sugar thing, okay! What actions could I take in order to move forward towards my desired outcome of overcoming my sugar addiction?
- How about listening to the audio?

I got really annoyed at my guides.

- Hello?!! Are you stupid or have you smoked pot? I said sugar first!!! >:-(
- Listen to the audio.
- Argh. Shut up. I cannot count on you guys.

After a while of obsessing over my sugar problem and not succeeding, I gave up. Then some day, I had nothing better to do, so I started listening to the psychic development audios. The guy was talking about chakras, nothing really new, I've been doing chakra work for years now.... but then he mentioned that when the third chakra is weak, this can lead to... eating disorders... HAAA!


I could do some energy healing on my own third chakra! I screamed. I totally love energy healing, I want to learn it anyway, so why not practice on myself to strengthen my third chakra? It could help with my sugar addiction, who knows?

So I started doing three or four energy healing sessions a day on my third chakra. At first, nothing happened. After several days I was still eating lots of chocolate. But I kept going with my sessions. After about five days, my chocolate consumption suddenly went down. And after about eight days, I just stopped eating chocolate altogether, naturally. I sticked to a 100% raw, vegan diet for the whole summer after that.

Asking for help in healing a sugar addiction and being told to listen to a psychic development audio might seem weird. But in hindsight, didn't it totally make logical sense? My mind would never have thought of that, simply because my mind cannot know before listening to a CD what is on it. But my team does have access to this information.

Personal Example 2:

Today, in the morning, I was wondering how to best store the paper data about my clients as well as my business and accountancy. I was using many folders and wasn't too happy about it. Then I forgot about the question and got very busy with some very exciting projects.

At some point in the afternoon, I felt strongly compelled to go to a supermarket not that far away from my house. At first I resisted and didn't want to go. I didn't need anything in particular, I don't like supermarkets, and I saw no valid reason to go.

But because in this year since the sugar addiction lesson I have learned that I CAN very much count on my guides and because I have witnessed so many times how much sense their advice always makes, at least in hindsight, I decided to listen to my guts and to go.

And there, I found great ring binders, 100% recycled, with a nice green "Nature Future" label and beautiful colors. I was very happy to see them. They felt totally right for my new business! :D I bought a green one for my clients' data and an ecru one for my business and money stuff. There were only three of them left.

My guides are awesome. :-)

So, next time you have such an irrational, illogical, non-linear, weird, crazy impulse.... remember that intuition IS logical. You just don't consciously know enough yet to understand how.

It might take a leap of faith to follow your inner wisdom and guidance even if you don't see how it makes sense. But the more you trust that it DOES make sense, the more you will be able to work with your intuition in a reliable and fun way. Trust your guides and let them surprise you!

And now you know where you will land when you book a reading with me: in the green Nature Future. ;)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this Rosine! Especially the ''Are you stupid or have you smoked pot''!:D
    I really should learn to listen to my intuition more :) Working on it :/

  2. Awesome post Rose, thanks for that :) I was getting an impulse to tell someone something yesterday and my guides have been pushing me until I said it today... I was uncomfortable because it's not something *I* personally would have said! But I just apologised and said "mis guias me han estado dando por culo para que te diga esto"..........

    I couldn't translate that but I love that figure of speech XD colourful XD

  3. Tanja: Haha, yeah, at the beginning I accused my guides of having smoked pot quite often. ;) It took me some time to let go of control and trust their input.
    I'll write more about intuition in the coming weeks and months. :)

    Andrew: Hahaha! :D Yeah, I love it too! XD